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What is door hardware?
Door hardware refers to all the physical items used to secure, operate, and enhance the functionality of a door. This includes locks, handles, hinges, knobs, latches, and other related components.
What is cabinet hardware?
Cabinet hardware refers to the components used in the installation, operation, and enhancement of cabinets. This includes handles, knobs, hinges, drawer slides, and other accessories that ensure the functionality and aesthetic appeal of cabinets.
What is window hardware?
Window hardware refers to the various components and accessories used to operate, secure, and enhance the functionality and appearance of windows. This includes locks, handles, hinges, cranks, stays, and other mechanisms.
What is curtain hardware?
Curtain hardware refers to the various components and accessories used to hang, operate, and enhance the appearance of curtains and drapes. This includes curtain rods, brackets, rings, finials, and tiebacks.
What is marine hardware?
Marine hardware refers to the specialized components and equipment used on boats, ships, and other marine vessels to ensure their operation, safety, and maintenance. This includes items such as anchors, cleats, rigging, fittings, and fasteners.
What is a door lever handle on plate?
A door lever handle on plate is a type of door handle that features a lever attached to a rectangular or square backplate. The backplate covers the area around the lever and often includes keyholes, locks, or other mechanisms integrated into the plate.
What is a door lever handle on rose?
A door lever handle on rose is a type of door handle where the lever is mounted on a circular or square base, known as a rose. This design is minimalist and typically doesn't include a backplate, offering a sleek and modern appearance.
What are window fasteners?
Window fasteners are devices used to secure windows in a closed position, ensuring safety, security, and weather-tight sealing. They are essential components for the proper functioning and security of various types of windows.
What are cabinet hooks?
Cabinet hooks are small hardware pieces used to hang or hold items inside or on the exterior of cabinets. They provide a convenient way to organize and access various items such as kitchen utensils, keys, towels, or small tools.
What are curtain rods?
Curtain rods are horizontal bars installed above windows or doors, designed to hold and support curtains, drapes, or other window treatments. They come in various styles, materials, and finishes to match different decor and functional needs.