Builders Hardware - Selecting the Right Way

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What is the procedure to plan purchase budget?

The wide range and categorization of architectural hardware makes one difficult in selection. In today’s world of technology and availability of the products online, the option to choose is now a lot easier.


The purchase path of hardware requires a prior workout. We need to list all our requirements on a note sheet and place them under the room category they fall. Then classify your budget into three categories, first on the purchase of the basic product, second expenses on installation of the hardware and third check if it requires any accessories.  We ensure that our budget expense is corresponding to the room classification. In addition, we have buffer budget to the preference benchmarked for the rooms falling in coalition with decor profile. Now work out the fitting size specifications so you can avoid the replacement circumstances.


What are the guiding factors?

Online presence of the hardware market and with participation of all the leading brands having their websites contributes to an easy selection of the products. Before, our online search if you have difficulty in understanding the classification and terms used in industry view BHMA’s Guide to Builders Hardware Terminology. We can classify builder’s hardware, into Door Hardware, Cabinet Hardware, Window Hardware, Curtain Hardware, Marine Hardware, Security Hardware, Bathroom Hardware, Furniture Hardware and Plumbing Hardware.  


Now you need to prepare a list of brands you are interested. The quality needs to define in terms of purchase parameters. An effective approach of making your selection of brands is through reviews. The sign from reviews can help you mark the brand or a particular product in terms of high, medium or low in terms of price and quality.


Consider the metal and the finish in terms of budget planned, also in terms of quality. Products made of brass, chrome and stainless steel are not only good in terms of durability but also have a high price. The weight also plays a role to the quality factor if the details are available to take the advantage. Also check the size specification of the product on the web store.


In fact, my suggestion would be to prefer one brand so you do not get the variations in the finish of the hardware product. The choice of the product finish must match to the decor planning. The product design also varies and you need to match the same with the requirements as suggested by your home decor consultant. Beside this, the difference between security hardware and decor hardware need a proper evaluation before the final purchase.  Safety should be the prime consideration while buying the security hardware.


Happy shopping.…