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Curtain Brackets for Bay Windows

Make sure that you procure full-length poles for your bay window. Any asymmetry in your wall can impact the final fitting pole size, thus you get full length since it is challenging to determine the deduction in advance. Install two support brackets for a three window bay, ensuring the line level across sections, normally swivel sockets will not be providing the strength and stability.


How to pre measure the Curtain Pole Sets?

Once your curtain brackets are in place, mark the trimming points on the pole by placing it over the brackets. Follow the procedure as cutting the edge from first trim marking, then placing the pole once again over the brackets to cross-check the second trimming point marked correctly. Continue the process for your balance curtain hardware fittings.

The fitting process for corner windows a lot straightforward and you will need two curtain brackets for your curtain pole sets by following the mentioned procedure.


Curtain Rings

One important aspect to note is that your curtain rings will not move over the swivel sockets. Plan each window section independently, for example, use of bent rod at corners. At times when you need to replace your curtain then you might be in need of an extra ring for your drapery hardware or might be you damaged your brackets while replacing the curtains. Under such situations, your replacement might be a tough exercise due to discontinuation of the product or change in design or color. Buy at least few extra rings and brackets in order to avoid such situations of curtain hardware replacement.

After your fittings, now you need a curtain holdback to mark the fashion grace of your window decor treatment.