Architectural Hardware Stainless Steel Finishes

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One of the outstanding features of Stainless steel is corrosion resistance. Besides, it also have defiance to staining and low maintenance thus making it an ideal metal for application in Architectural Hardware products. The natural finish matches with most of the design interior parameters and thus the look alike finishes are common in practice. We come across three finishes, which are similar Satin Nickel, Satin Chrome and Stainless Steel. 


The common plated finish used with zinc and brass metal base is Satin Chrome comprising blue tone and Satin Nickel with yellow gold tone. The common phrases use with Satin finish is Brushed, like Satin Brushed or Brushed Satin. As established through data, they recommend the Satin Chrome finish for commercial hardware while the Satin Nickel is the choice for residential hardware, as Satin chrome is dull in shine regarding Satin Nickel.


When we talk of stainless steel natural finish, it is the metal itself not the plated finish. When the original metal polished, it gives a shine look and when the same brushed; it is closer to satin finish levels.


Before purchase of steel finish alike architectural hardware, understand requirements and application at first place and finalize the base of the alloy used in your hardware product. Avoid zinc where the hardware exposed to outdoor fittings and the usage under moist conditions as the maintenance cost will be on higher side.


Within the style impressions, Satin Nickel is the preferred choice. But if cost is not the factor one should go for natural [non-plated] steel finishes. The hardware finish plays a vital role in the design and appeal of your home decor elements.